Please note : Once you start, you can't go back to the way it was. Is that OK with you?
"Once you go Beyond Vision, you never go back"
If No, we shall not recommend going any further.
If Yes, please go ahead.
Three common problems that only advanced vector graphics AI can solve.
What are the 3 reasons you want to rely on AI ?
" Creative work is fun, but routine work is tedious.
Improvement of work efficiency
”It's hard to secure skilled professionals."
Dealing with the shortage of human resources
”People make mistakes, and of course results vary from person to person.”
Ensuring quality
Examples of contributions that only advanced vector graphics AI can make
Advanced graphics AI application examples
Automated inspection & design of electronic circuits
Apparel design & pattern automation
Game character & avatar automation
Automated building HVAC & plumbing drawings
Automated LED placement for sign lighting
Advantages to our own AI: 1
(*Running costs are also reduced thanks to the AI)
Three installation specifications can be possible to choose only with self-designed AI
API connection (cloud server)
On-premise (in-house server)
Disk top (local PC)
Advantages to our own AI: 2
(*Easy yet advanced learning functions)
Leading edge, 2 learning functions
Vol.1 Deep learning
BEYOND VISION has a deep learning function that can deploy several intermediate layers.
Optimization of this intermediate layer is the most important core function when users require advanced vector graphics output.
The system is also equipped with a function that automatically generates accurate training data, which is a great operational security feature.
Vol.2 Adversarial generative networks
GAN(Generative Adversarial Network)
GAN consists of two networks, a Generator and a Discriminator, and is an extremely efficient learning method that increases accuracy by having them compete with each other.
Therefore, it can generate high-quality vector images without the need for cumbersome training data.
Advantages to our own AI: 3
(*Infinite synergy effect with BUCAS)
BUCAS ∞ Beyond Vision
Patented technology : Owns an automatic graphics generation server
CAD = design drawing, DTP = design work
These two tasks, which used to be separated, are now fully automated with our patented technology: BUCAS, the vector graphics automatic generation cloud server.
"BEYOND VISION" is a vector graphics AI equipped with "ambiguity," that only humans possess.
"BUCAS" excels in generating advanced vector graphics. When both are directly connected,
it is sure that the synergy effect will be immeasurable and unlimited!
Owns In-house developed artificial intelligence server
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